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Downtown Jebel Ali Hotel

Downtown Jebel-Ali Hotel
The program is for a business hotel to be located in a more pedestrian oriented development near a light rail stop in Downtown Jebel Ali, Dubai. Our design approach was to focus the energy in the interaction of the building with the public space, to create a accessible a visible destination for the city. To maximize activity on the ground floor, the building was closely integrated into its site and opened up to connect all the public spaces including retail, restaurant, cafe and meeting spaces with direct links to the adjacent pedestrian medina streets. The facade of the project is composed of a double skin which functions to solar shade and cool the building as well as creating a distinct visual impact. The skin is formed out of a stretched woven wire mesh LED fabric that can project still and video imagery increasing visiblity from the adjacent highway and commuter rail system
. The hotel is designed to be destination that will attract the discerning business travelers as well vistitors from the neighborhood.