architecture and urban design


Wuzhong Cultural History Museum




Situated at the culmination of the urban street axis and the Han River park promenade our design seeks to blur and inhabit the boundaries between the city and nature. The terminal building is formed of two main elements, the first being an elliptical terminal lobby designed to maximize transparency and provide constant engagement with the surroundings. From the entry lobby the terminal steps down to the river with seating to open the views to the constantly changing river scenery. The second design element is a linear bar structure which aligns the axis of the river park bridge, providing a raised connection above the flood plain during times of high water. This linear element culminates at an observation deck perched over the docks, with framed views to the river and Mapo bridge. 

The roof structure of the lobby is designed as a laminated wood beam lattice structure supported on a ring beam at the perimeter which provides a column free open space. The depth of the roof beams are optimized to create a tapered cantilever to the exterior providing an outdoor shaded porch. The glass lobby roof is protected by a tensile fabric membrane which allows in natural daylight while reflecting the solar heat. 

Project in collaboration with Studio Seo