West chelsea condominiums
New York, NY

Located in the West Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan this boutique 11 unit residential Condominium Tower and a ground floor Commercial Art Gallery is designed to create a Green Oasis within its industrial surroundings. As an amenity to the residents, the project extends a landscape roof over the adjacent warehouse building whose air rights were sold, creating a block long park facing South. The typical residential floor of the project consists of two through-floor condominiums with North and South access to light and air and south facing balconies. The top two floors are a penthouse unit with a roof deck. The façade is wrapped with landscape planters and operable glass openings which allow fresh filtered air to be naturally pulled through the units. The resulting units have a unique floating garden affect and maintain views to the adjacent highline park  The ground floor is designed as a commercial art gallery in keeping with the neighborhood’s place as the art center of New York.